Google set to introduce infotainment platform to rival CarPlay

Open Automotive Alliance\'s projected Android system could be unveiled at Google I/O conference.

Google and its automotive industry partners may be ready to introduce an Android-centric infotainment system to rival Apple's CarPlay technology.

Audi, General Motors, Honda and Hyundai joined the Open Automotive Alliance early this year to help bring Google's technology into production vehicles, with the aim of embracing design flexibility among the individual automotive brands.

Known internally as Google Auto Link, the technology is initially said to be a 'projected' system that will allow a vehicle's infotainment display and controls to serve as an interface for a connected device running Android, unnamed sources have told Automotive News.

The alliance is eventually expected to introduce a wholly integrated system that will provide familiar Android platform features without requiring a separate smartphone or tablet to be paired with the vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz is among the automakers that have promised to embrace both Google and Apple platforms for upcoming vehicles, providing support for the great majority of smartphones. Companies are also working on Google Glass integration, though the wearable device is still in prototype development and faces legal uncertainty for use in the car.

Google's Auto Link system may be publicly introduced under a different trademark when it is officially revealed, potentially within two weeks at the company's I/O developer conference.

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