Hyundai details Google-powered infotainment for 2015 Sonata

Second-gen Blue Link tech brings voice search, remote climate/defroster control.

Hyundai has fully revealed its second-generation Blue Link infotainment system, which will be initially offered for the 2015 Sonata.

Improved destination search is the highlight feature, powered by Google's Android Auto technology. Users will be able to hunt for destinations via the touchscreen display, or through voice recognition when the Blue Link button is pressed. The system also works in conjunction with Hyundai's owner website and smartphone app, enabling locations to be preselected and automatically sent to the car's navigation system.

A smartphone can also be used to remotely control a wide range of settings, notably including climate control and defroster activation. The app provides new options for starting the engine for a set amount of time, up to 10 minutes, to warm the engine and heat or cool the interior without wasting fuel if the driver is delayed getting to the vehicle.

Safety features have ben expanded, allowing users to enter emergency contacts that are notified via SMS and e-mail if there is a problem. Owners can also now schedule service appointments directly from the infotainment interface.

Hyundai is among several automakers that plan to offer both Google integration and Apple's CarPlay technology, which projects many of the same features from a connected iPhone.

Most of the features will be available when the 2015 Sonata arrives this summer, though the remote defroster control will be added later.

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