Chrysler to sell rebadged Mitsubishi in Mexico

The compact sedan will likely be the Mirage G4.

Chrysler will be selling a rebadged Mitsubishi compact sedan in Mexico. The announcement this week comes hot on the heels of a similar report regarding the Chinese market.

Though the exact car has not been named, Chrysler de Mexico did affirm that the four-door offering would compete in the hot-selling B segment, meaning it is most likely be the new Mitsubishi Mirage G4. Though Mitsubishi has said it would not sell the Mirage G4 in the US, it will be offered in Canada and now, it seems, to our neighbors to the south. It makes sense though: Mexico's B segment sales comprised nearly one quarter of all the country's new car transactions in 2013.

In Canada, the Mirage will be sold with the same 1.2-liter, 74hp three-cylinder that powers the US-spec Mirage hatchback. A choice of 5-speed manual or CVT transfers power to the front wheels, but its main selling point is a claimed 44 highway mpg.

Though it was reported that in China the Chrysler version would be slightly altered for a more upscale feel, it's not known if that would be the case in Mexico. Chrysler has had a long history of selling rebadged Mitsubishi products in North America, starting with the Dodge Colt series (actually RWD Mitsubishi Galants) in the US market in 1970. Sales of the new sedan will begin as early as November 2014.

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