Jaguar previews XE tech, schedules debut for September 6

\'All Surface Progress Control\' aims to improve RWD takeoffs on slippery surfaces.

Jaguar has detailed a handful of technological features for the upcoming XE ahead of its debut next month.

The company claims to have made significant improvements to the traction-control system, labeled "All Surface Progress Control." Optimized for rear-wheel-drive platforms, it is described as a low-speed cruise control that maintains traction in slippery conditions without skidding and without requiring the driver to touch the pedals.

"Developed with the input of decades of Jaguar Land Rover experience in off-road traction systems, ASPC can electronically gain traction with far less drama than a human driver can achieve," the company claims.

Engineers have also worked to refine the XE's handling on dry pavement, pairing Integral Link rear suspension with a front configuration borrowed from the F-Type sports car.

The new model will be the first Jaguar to be equipped with the company's next-generation electronic steering. Advanced algorithms are claimed to bring a better feel than hydraulic systems, benefiting from variable steering damping and improved tuning.

The platform also benefits from lightweight construction, embracing aluminum components for better fuel efficiency and handling. The basic model will be powered by Jaguar's new 2.0-liter Ingenium engine, with V6 mills for higher trim levels.

Jaguar will fully reveal the XE at a UK event scheduled for September 6.

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