Jaguar details upcoming XE's aluminum structure

XE will be the most torsionally rigid Jaguar sedan ever, with 75% aluminum unibody.

Jaguar has continued its teaser campaign for the forthcoming XE sedan, highlighting its aluminum construction.

The metal accounts for 75 percent of the XE's unibody structure, helping make the all-new model the most torsionally rigid Jaguar sedan ever. The lightweight construction is said to contribute to a supple ride and precise handling.

Engineers chose to utilize high-strength grades for 70 percent of the aluminum, including 6000-series alloys that are commonly used in the aerospace industry. The company also claims to have developed a 'new' alloy labeled RC 5754.

"This new alloy features a high level of recycled material and makes a significant contribution toward Jaguar's goal of using 75 percent recycled material by 2020," the company notes.

The XE will be the fifth Jaguar model to be constructed using structural adhesives and rivets, taking inspiration from aluminum aircraft construction. Work will be handled at a new production facility at the Solihull plant in the UK.

The company will release several more technology previews ahead of the XE's official unveiling on September 8.

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