2016 Ford Super Duty burns to the ground during testing

Ford\'s 2016 Super Duty isn\'t quite ready for prime time.

Ford's all-new 2016 Super Duty pickup truck has failed its first round of hot weather testing in spectacular fashion.

While undergoing an engineering analysis in 120 degree weather, a prototype for the 2016 Ford Super Duty caught fire and burned to the ground in front of our spy photographer. The blaze started in the driver's side wheel well of the truck, but we have no further details on the cause of the fire.

According to our man on the ground, it took just 3 minutes for the truck to go from smoking to fully engulfed in flames. The prototype was reduced to a smoldering hulk in just 21 minutes.

Our photographer was also able to capture several explosions that took place as the fire spread.

Although the truck was a total right off, we're told that the driver and passenger were able to escape the fire without injury.

Ford will certainly be keen to sort through the wreckage to determine the cause of the fire, but the remains should also be of interest to Super Duty enthusiasts - remnants from the truck left on the side of the road indicate the next Super Duty, like its F-150 counterpart, will make use of aluminum components.

Ford isn't alone in losing a prototype to fire in recent weeks. A test vehicle for the next Acura NSX caught fire and burned during shakedown testing on Germany's Nurburgring.

Look for the all-new Ford Super Duty to begin production in 2016.

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