Report: Mazda5 to be discontinued

The Mazda5 will soon be retired from Mazda\'s lineup.

It appears as though it could be the end of the line for Mazda's unusual "mini-minivan,” the Mazda5.

According to Automotive News, Mazda plans to discontinue the people-hauler in 2015 due to decreased demand from an increasingly crossover-crazy market.

Currently in the third model year of its second generation, the Mazda5 is unique in its positioning as a downsized minivan that's smaller and nimbler than traditional minivans, yet more space efficient than comparably sized crossovers. With eager handling and an available manual transmission, it also possesses more of an enthusiast bent than the usual family van.

Despite those strengths, the Mazda5 has never been a hot seller, with volume peaking at 22,021 units in 2008 before dropping to 13,884 last year.

Following the demise of the Mazda5, Mazda will reportedly shift more of its focus to crossovers, including a new, entry-level CX-3 subcompact CUV that's expected to launch in 2016. A facelifted CX-5 is also slated for the 2016 model year, with a redesigned CX-9 to follow in 2017 with a turbocharged 2.5-liter four-cylinder in place of the current 3.7-liter V6.

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