Nissan wraps a GT-R for Deadmau5 after Ferrari threatens to sue

Italian automaker unimpressed by Nyan Cat \'Purrari.\'

Nissan has taken an opportunity to poke fun at Ferrari by wrapping a GT-R for Ddeadmau5, also known as Joel Zimmerman.

The electronic music producer claimed to have received an angry letter letter from Ferrari lawyers, after his 'Purrari' 458 -- wrapped in a Nyan Cat theme -- was run in the Gumball 3000.

"Yeah it was mostly about the custom floor matts and the custom purrari badges," he noted in a Twitter post. "Whatever. It's just a normal ass 458 now. All good."

Seeing an opportunity in the controversy, Nissan posted a picture of a GT-R featuring a similar wrap inspired by the Nyan Cat meme.

"Hey @deadmau5, heard what happened to your car," the company quipped. "Good news? We found a replacement, ready right meow."

It is unclear if the producer will take Nissan up on the offer, giving him a new ride in which to take Toronto Mayor Rob Ford out for some Tim Hortons coffee.

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