Dodge Viper gets $15K price cut for 2015

Chrysler gives an extra $15,000 discount for current owners of fifth-gen Viper.

Chrysler has announced a significant price cut for the 2015 Dodge Viper lineup.

MSRPs for all models have been reduced by $15,000, bringing the entry point down to $84,495 (excluding freight, gas-guzzler tax).

Notably, the company points out that the revised price tag reflects the price of the original Viper, which was introduced in 1992 for $50,700 -- roughly equivalent to $86,130 in today's dollars after correcting for inflation.

The company is also reducing prices of any 2014 Vipers that are still sitting in dealer inventory, while any current owners of a fifth-generation model (2013, 2014) will receive a $15,000 certificate toward the purchase of a new Viper.

"The Gen 1 Viper had 400 horsepower. It didn't have air conditioning, anti-lock brakes, traction control or stability control. It didn't even have real windows. It was the purest, rawest and most visceral American performance car of its time," said SRT chief Tim Kuniskis. "Despite the Gen 5's massive leap forward in technology and performance, we're pulling its starting price back to the equivalent of the original Gen 1 car."

The price cut arrives as the Viper loses its position as the most powerful Chrysler offering, falling well below the Hellcat-powered Challenger and Charger in terms of raw horsepower.

Rumors suggest Chrysler is planning to supercharge the serpent, bringing the V10 output up past 800 ponies and 650 lb-ft of torque. Potentially further invigorating sales after years of slow decline, a new convertible version has also been mentioned.

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