Paris LIVE: Toyota C-HR concept

The C-HR concept ushers in Toyota\'s next design language

Toyota has lifted the veil off of the C-HR concept at this year's Paris Motor Show. The concept stretches 171 inches long, 72 inches wide and just 59 inches tall.

Toyota explains it designed the C-HR to preview what a small crossover positioned below the RAV4 could look like. The concept features a generous amount of ground clearance and a sporty silhouette with a swept-back A-pillar and a rakish C-pillar. A tall front end with sharp headlights gives the crossover a rugged, aggressive look, while oversized lights out back reveal the show car is still far from production.

Technical details are being kept under wraps but Toyota has confirmed the concept is powered by a fuel-sipping hybrid drivetrain made up of a gasoline-burning four-cylinder engine and a compact electric motor. Rumors indicate the drivetrain could be an evolution of the one that will power the next-gen Prius, but whether it spins two or four wheels is up in the air.

Toyota has strongly hinted the C-HR previews a production model, and it has confirmed the concept announces the design language that will influence all of its upcoming models over the coming years. If launched, the C-HR will get a different name and it will be offered with conventional gasoline- and diesel-burning engines.

Live images by Ronan Glon.

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