Audi recalls 102K A4 models over airbag software glitch

Campaign affects 850,000 A4 models globally.

Audi is set to recall approximately 850,000 A4 models, identifying a problem with the airbag-control software.

Unlike the ever-expanding recalls over Takata airbag inflators, Audi's recall is focused on a glitch in the control-module programming that, in some cases, prevents the front airbags from properly deploying, according to a report in the German magazine Auto Motor und Sport.

The campaign includes nearly 102,000 vehicles sold in the US market, each from the 2013-2015 model years, while approximately half the total is split between China and Germany. The same software is used in sedans, AllRoad models and the A4 wagons.

Other automakers have been under pressure to reprogram the software algorithms that determine if an adult is in the front passenger seat, warranting airbag deployment in a crash, or if the front passenger is a small child. It is unclear if Audi's glitch is related to the same issue or a different accident-recognition parameter.

The glitch will be quickly resolved at service centers via a software update.

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