Honda S1000 roadster coming in 2016?

Based on the S660 concept, it could compete with the 1.5L MX-5

Honda may be introducing a new open-top two-seater called the S1000. Based, on the S660 roadster, it could even be exported outside of Japan.

As the name suggests, the S1000 would be a 1.0L sports car carrying on the S-Series name, a designation not seen since the Honda S2000 ended production in 2009. The S-Series moniker has been used on Honda roadsters since the S500 began production in 1963, followed by the S600 and S800.

According to a report by Motoring.com.au, the S1000 would be based on the Honda S660 concept unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show a year ago. Mugen, Honda's in-house tuning arm, is developing the turbocharged engine, which has apparently already been fitted to a Civic prototype and is capable of 138hp.

Honda has already green-lit the S660 for production, but its mid-mounted 3-cylinder's 660cc displacement and 63 horsepower are dictated by Japan's kei car standards. On the other hand, it also has a curb weight of under 2000 lbs. The 1-liter combo could put it in the same neighborhood as the 1.5L Mazda MX-5 designated for non-US markets.

If produced, the S1000 would debut sometime in 2016.

Image by Ben Hsu.

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