Land Rover LR2 hangs on for 2015

The Land Rover LR2 has at least one more model year in it.

Land Rover's all-new Discovery Sport has finally landed in North America (it's currently on display at the Los Angeles auto show), but the arrival of the company's latest compact SUV hasn't squeezed out the aging LR2 just yet.

The Land Rover Discovery Sport is set to eventually replace the LR2 as the entry point into the firm's line of luxury utility vehicles, but that won't happen for the 2015 model year. Hot on the heels of the Discovery Sport's North American debut, Land Rover has announced that the LR2 — which hasn't seen a significant update since 2006 — will soldier on for at least one more model year.

The LR2 carries over mostly unchanged for what could be its final model year, but Land Rover has added two new Value Edition packages as well as a special value audio upgrade to sweeten the pot. The LR2 shares its 240 horsepower 2.0L four-cylinder with the newer Discovery Sport, but makes do with a six-speed auto rather than the Disco Sport's nine-speed.

Pricing for the 2015 LR2 is set to start from $36,660, which is precariously close to the Discovery Sport's $37,995 base MSRP. However, we imagine the Discovery Sport will be in hot demand while the LR2 will probably be subject to dealer discounts, so the real world price difference should be a little wider.

The 2015 lineup of Land Rover vehicles should arrive on dealer lots within the next few weeks.

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