Honda unveils N-Box Slash retro-styled kei car

The N/ can be fitted with interiors inspired by different decades.

Honda has released a new model in its best-selling N-Series lineup. The N/ (or N-Box Slash) is yet another take on its supercompact platform, intended for fashion conscious buyers.

The N-Box Slash is built atop the same kei car platform that underpins the N-Box, N-Box+, N-One and N-WGN. Though specs were kept mum, the fifth car in the reborn N-Series (the original N360 was released in 1967) is likely to be powered by the same 63-horsepower, 660cc turbocharged 3-cylinder as its stablemates.

Like all kei cars, its measurements are limited to 133.8 inches long, 58.2 inches wide and 78.7 inches tall. These numbers are capped by the Japanese government's kei car specifications, which allow these cars tax breaks and expanded parking options in crowded cities.

Where the N-Box Slash differs is in its styling, which has a decidedly retro feel. Perhaps most glaringly, the massive C-pillar seems to be inspired by Honda's 1970 Z Coupe. Other touches include stylized wheels that look like black steelies with beauty rings and dog dish hubcaps with a knockoff spinner graphic, a chrome fuel filler cap and brightwork along the windows and C-pillar.

Cabin-wise, upholstery options include 50s diner red with a checkerboard motif, 70s boardroom wood paneling and stitched leather, or a 60s surf-inspired light seafoam green and cream combo. The center console is dominated by a multifunction screen and large speaker that's part of what Honda calls its 8-speaker Sound Mapping System.

The N-Box Slash goes on sale in Japan on December 22.

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