Ford to unveil Shelby GT350R in Detroit?

A new Shelby Mustang could join the Ford lineup next month.

Ford will soon add to its high-performance Mustang stable with a track-focused version of its all-new Shelby GT350, a new report finds.

The standard GT350 is no slouch itself thanks to a flat-plane crank V8 making "at least” 500 horsepower, lowered suspension and Brembo brakes, but an even higher performance Mustang is said to be waiting in the wings. According Horsepower Kings, Ford will unveil an up-rated Shelby GT350R at the upcoming Detroit auto show.

Citing inside sources at Ford, Horsepower Kings claim the GT350R will arrive with even better brakes, track-ready tires and an enhanced aero package. The report didn't indicate if any changes were planned for the GT350's 5.2L V8.

It's possible that some of the GT350R's upgrades could eventually be offered on the standard GT350 as Ford is said to be working on a Track Package for its range-topping Mustang.

No official pricing for the GT350 has been announced, but Horsepower Kings speculates that the car will list from $52,995, with an optional Tech Package tacking on another $2,995. It's logical to assume that the GT350R will carry a premium over its GT350 counterpart.

Live images by Brian Williams.

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