British Motor Show set to return in 2016

The British Motor Show hasn\'t been held since 2008.

A member of Britain's Royal Family has confirmed that the British Motor Show will make an unexpected return in May of 2016.

Last held in 2008, the event will be renamed London Motor Show to reflect the fact that a new company has been put in charge of organizing it. The show will be held on the south bank of the Thames river in London's Battersea Park.

Speaking at a dinner held for members of the British press, His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent boldly claimed that he hopes the London Motor Show will eventually be able to rival the major European shows held in cities like Geneva, Frankfurt and Paris. The organizers are currently inviting automakers big and small from all around the world to register for a booth.

If all goes as planned, the London Motor Show will be open to the public from May 5th to the 8th. The show's theme will be green cars but there will also be classics, supercars as well as "the latest gadgets and gizmos."

Former GloryFirst held in 1903, the British Motor Show was a major international event throughout most of the second half of the 20th century. Some of the most significant cars to debut there include the original Mini, the Triumph Spitfire, the first-gen Jaguar XJ (pictured), the Aston Martin Lagonda and the Jaguar XJ220.

The show went from an annual to a biennial event in 1978. By the late 1990s attendance had started to drop because it was overshadowed by bigger events held elsewhere in Europe. The show was hit hard by the recession in Europe and organizer were forced to cancel the 2010 event.

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