Ford begins shipping 2015 Mustang convertible

Ford highlights heated seats and remote start for top-down winter cruising.

Ford has announced that the first batch of 2015 Mustang convertibles is on its way to showrooms across the country.

December isn't exactly the peak buying season for convertibles, but Ford argues that its drop-top Mustang is perfectly outfitted for cold-weather cruising.

"Cold weather may have come unseasonably early this year, but with available heated seats, remote start and selectable drive modes with a snow/wet setting, Mustang is the perfect offering for the season," said Mustang brand manager Melanie Banker. "While these seats also have a cooling feature, we suspect customers won't be using this function for a few more months."

The new convertible Mustang is available in GT form, outfitted with a 435-horsepower V8 engine, or in the lesser trim levels powered by Ford's V6 or EcoBoost four-cylinder engines.

Buyers will have a chance to pick up the open-air Mustang later this week.

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