Infiniti reveals Vision Gran Turismo concept

The in-game car is the latest automaker contribution to Sony\'s racing game

Infiniti has released a full gallery of images for its Vision Gran Turismo virtual concept. The car will be available for download as a playable car in the Gran Turismo 6 racing simulator.

The Infiniti Concept Vision Gran Turismo is part of a year-long commemoration of the video game franchise's 15th anniversary. Automakers from Aston Martin to Volkswagen have participated, mobilizing their design studios to conjure sky's-the-limit creations to be rendered for virtual racing. Some have even built life-size versions.

Infiniti's design appears to be a futuristic high-end coupe borne from the same design language as the recent Q80 Inspiration concept. The renders reveal a prominent, bulging prow flowing into a vented hood, a shorter wheelbase than the Q80, and A-pillars that disappear into what appear to be cooling ducts on the hood. The fastback deck has a dimple that seems to form a double bubble roof, but no rear window exists. Like the Q80, the rear is pointy, with thin taillights and a cantilevered boomerang spoiler. Side mirrors appear to be cameras.

Created by Infiniti's design team in Beijing, the Vision GT concept is said to have involved examination of technical details such as aerodynamics and engine performance. The company suggests a front mid-ship engine layout provides 45:55 front/rear weight balance that "provides users with the joy of driving by actively drifting the rear."

Overall, the concept recalls the Lexus LFA, though perhaps in Infiniti's mind it's more closely related to the Nissan Vision Gran Turismo 2020, which was inspired by the GT-R. This is one of two teasers Infiniti released this week, with the other being a preview of the Q60.

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