Honda offers world's first predictive cruise control system

The European Honda CR-V will be the first car to market with the system

Honda has committed to putting the world's first predictive cruise control system on the market.

Called i-ACC (for Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control), the technology is able to predict when other drivers cut into your lane. The system differs from traditional adaptive cruise control systems in that it keeps an eye on cars in neighboring lanes and their movements, using its camera and radar and a specially developed algorithm. When a car cuts into your lane, the system will apply the brakes gradually, responding up to five seconds earlier than current adaptive cruise control systems.

Current systems are designed primarily to keep a pre-determined distance in front, so when cars cut in unexpectedly the braking can be harsh.

European market Honda CR-Vs will be the first cars to adopt i-ACC. In that region, drivers often travel between the UK, which drives on the left, and the rest of Europe, which drives on the right. The technology is smart enough to recognize which country you are in and adapt accordingly, monitoring the lanes that cars are more likely to merge from.

European Honda CR-Vs also receive a new 1.6L i-DTEC diesel engine and a 9-speed automatic transmission. i-ACC will be available on 2015 model year cars, solely on the Executive trim level.

Now that cars can predict lane cutting, all we need is an A.I. that can experience road rage.

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