2016 Camaro teased at Detroit Motor Show?

A brief glimpse of 2016 lineup may show next-gen Camaro silhouette.

General Motors may have quietly teased the sixth-generation Camaro at the Detroit Auto Show.

Though some predicted the next Camaro would be revealed at the show, Chevy's big Motor City surprise was instead the $30,000 Bolt electric car. However, during the press conference, GM briefly flashed an image depicting the silhouette of five new models slated to debut in 2015.

Members of the enthusiast form CamaroNews sharpened the image for a better idea of what the muscle car will look like. The styling is evolutionary rather than revolutionary, but the nose appears pointer than the current version's with larger openings in the lower grille. The front fenders also have a more pronounced arch.

Towards the rear, the roofline appears more swept back, with a sleeker C-pillar taking the the rear side window to a sharper point. The sharkfin antenna on the roof seems shorter and longer than the current version.

The other cars in the image, which GM announced would be succeeded by new generations, include the Cruze, Malibu and Spark and already-announced Volt. Head of GM North America Alan Batey said that "By the end of 2015, 95 percent of the U.S. Chevrolet lineup will be all new or significantly updated compared to just four years ago."

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