Independent shops outscore dealer service in satisfaction survey

Independent shops receive better scores for overall satisfaction, price, quality, courteousness of the staff and timeliness, according to Consumer Reports.

Independent repair shops have once again outscored service centers in franchised new-car dealerships, according to a Consumer Reports survey.

The latest report found that independents received higher average scores for overall satisfaction, price, quality, staff courteousness and timeliness.

Tesla Motors was the one exception to the trend, though the magazine cautioned that the high score could be difficult to maintain as the company continues to grow and introduce new vehicles.

"As the number of Tesla models increases—especially with the release of the Model 3 compact vehicle in a few years—we'll be watching closely to see whether its customer-friendly repair policies, which include providing service loaners and flatbed tow trucks, can keep pace with the brand's growth," CR wrote.

Luxury brands held the top ranks among franchise repair centers, with Buick and Lincoln holding the second and third spots behind Tesla, respectively. Cadillac, Lexus and Porsche rounded out the top five.

The survey was based on responses from owners of more than 121,000 vehicles.

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