Nissan creates track-equipped Juke NISMO RS

Ready for a winter wonderland assault.

Just in time for the blizzards that have swept up much of the nation, Nissan has created a Juke NISMO RS fitted with snowtracks.

Looking like an Imperial attack vehicle for the ice planet Hoth, the whimsically named Juke NISMO RSnow was revealed on Nissan's Twitter account with little fanfare. Images of the bizarre blizzard assault vehicle soon spread quickly across social media with the hashtags #Snowmageddon2015 and #MyJanuaryIn5Words while official Nissan communications channels stayed mum.

From what we do know, the RSnow is based on a production Nissan Juke NISMO RS. According to a Nissan spokesman, no modifications were made to the turbocharged 211hp (with CVT, 215 with 6-speed manual) engine, but changes had to be made to the front and rear fascias to accommodate the treads and the torque-vectoring all-wheel-drive system reprogrammed. The tracks, built by American Track Truck and is called the Dominator Track System, limit the RSnow's top speed to about 62 mph.

Alas, it is a one-off creation. Nissan says that the RSnow was created as support vehicle an ice-driving event in Lapland, Finland. Further details will follow, but for now, all there is are some images and a few short video clips.

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