Geneva LIVE: The Subaru WRX wagon we can't have

The unfortunately named Levorg is the WRX we wish Subaru sold here.

The Subaru WRX five-door may be dead here in the United States, but its spirit will live on in Europe thanks to the Geneva introduction of the Levorg.

Its awkward name may stand for Legacy Evolution Touring, but don't let the badge fool you — the Levorg (which is already for sale in Japan) isn't based on the Legacy, it's based on the WRX. In fact, the Levorg uses the same 104.3-inch wheelbase and 2.0L turbocharged boxer-four that you'll find in the WRX sedan that's sold in the United States.

The only real difference between the Levorg and a true WRX hatchback is an extended cargo area. Compared to the current Impreza hatchback, the Levorg is about 10-inches longer.

Normally we'd just use the old "Americans don't buy hatchbacks” logic to explain away Subaru's decision not to market the Levorg, which happens to be Grovel spelled backwards, or some kind of WRX five-door in the United States, but that doesn't apply here. Back when you could get the WRX as either a sedan or hatchback, 50 percent of buyers opted for the more utilitarian body style. That's a considerable take rate by anyone's standards.

Despite that kind of demand, Subaru maintains that it has no plans to sell a WRX wagon here. Hopefully the Levorg rouses a large enough buyer base in the U.S. to change Subaru's mind.

Live photos by Ronan Glon.

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