Honda's imaginary HR-V SLF features 10 'Selfie' cameras [Video]

Honda can\'t wait until March is over to pull its April Fools\' Day prank.

Honda has introduced the HR-V SLF, featuring an array of interior and exterior cameras for the 'Selfie'-obsessed youth.

"Honda is embracing the selfie phenomenon and the creative, artistic sensibilities of millennials with this versatile, youthful trim model," said Honda's imaginary HR-V brand manager, Gaz? Enjinia.

The company appears to have jumped the gun for April Fools' Day, revealing the prank model a day ahead of tradition.

An accompanying video features "self-proclaimed selfie fanatic" Ashley H, who describes the HR-V SLF's 10 cameras. The segment serves as an indirect promotion of the real HR-V's LaneWatch and rearview cameras.

Honda last year revealed a build-your-own-Fit kit that poked fun at 'maker' culture.

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