The New Fisker teases Elux Karma

Under new ownership, Fisker is expected to reintroduce the renamed Karma later this month.

Under new ownership, Fisker has launched a teaser website that appears to show the Karma ready for reintroduction.

The site is scant on details, merely showing a bird's-eye view of a car matching the Karma's form, with a promise of an introduction later this month.

Recent reports claim Fisker's new parent, China's Wanxiang Group, is preparing to rename the company to 'Elux,' though the teaser site is currently presented as The New Fisker.

Taking a second shot at the market, the plug-in hybrid is expected to remain mostly unchanged from the Karma that was available in 2011. The teaser image suggests the headlights could be slightly revised, but the sedan appears to keep the same body shape.

Wanxiang is rumored to have focused on updates to the Karma's hybrid system and other internal hardware, likely introducing a new battery to keep up with changes in energy-storage technology over the past four years.

The revamped Karma is expected to be ready by the middle of next year, reportedly with a $135,000 price tag.

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