Kia Novo concept revealed in Seoul

The handsome Novo design will trickle down to future Kia production cars.

With all the commotion in New York this week some fairly significant unveilings at the Seoul Motor Show, happening concurrently, were almost overlooked. Perhaps the most exciting concept to come from the South Korean show was the striking Kia Novo concept.

The Novo is a design study created to express the brand's future look. Kia says the name was taken from the Latin word "novatus," which provides the root for the word "innovation" and means "to make new."

The Novo's sleek lines came from Kia's Namyang studio. Designers often struggle to give sleek lines to Corolla-sized cars, but Kia has managed to do so, giving the Novo a "four door coupe" body thanks to a swoopy roofline and lack of B-pillar.

The face takes Kia's trademark tiger-nose grille and widens it considerably, flanking it with laser headlights and stylish laser foglamps outlining aggressive air intakes. A distinctive metal-finish "hoop" comprises the C-pillar and trailing roof edge, matched with a vertical side grille along the leading edge of the front doors.

Despite traditional rear-wheel-drive proportions, Kia says the Novo utilizes a front-wheel-drive layout with power coming from a 1.6L turbo four mated to a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission like the one from the just-unveiled Kia Optima.

Sadly, there are no firm plans for production, although the company strongly hints that elements of the Novo will make their way into future cars.

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