NHTSA declines to recall Chrysler minivans over stalling reports

The agency claims the failure rate is low, and there are no reports of crashes or injuries from the problem.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has closed an investigation into stalling problems with older Fiat Chrysler minivans.

The agency has received at least 161 complaints related to stalling instances with the 2003-2007 Chrysler Town & Country, Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Voyager. Some owners claimed the vehicles would stall immediately following a refuel, and at low engine speeds.

"After completing this evaluation, NHTSA has concluded that further investigation is unlikely to result in a finding that a defect related to motor vehicle safety exists," the agency wrote in it closing documents.

Investigators point out that the failure rate is low, even after eight to 13 years of vehicle service, and none of the complaints have blamed the issue for causing a crash or injury.

"Given the need to allocate and prioritize NHTSA's limited resources to best accomplish the Agency's safety mission, the petition is denied," the agency added.

Newer Fiat Chrysler minivans and SUVs still face a separate investigation into allegations of stalling problems.

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