Lamborghini CEO: No immediate plans for cheaper model

CEO Stephan Winkelmann suggests a \'derivative\' could bring a lower entry price for an existing model, but the company does not intend to become a volume brand.

Lamborghini has dismissed the idea of offering a cheaper entry-level model in the immediate future.

Speaking to Car and Driver, brand chief Stephan Winkelmann said the company is not currently planning to enter the sub-$200,000 bracket with a new model that would slot below the Huracan, though he did not completely rule out a cheaper variant down the road.

"I learned one thing in the automotive industry to say 'never say never,' and it's clear the small segment is very competitive," the executive said. "When we speak about derivatives inside the models then there might be, here and there, some opportunities. But basically, we're not planning to do a new car for this level."

The comments follow several new entry-level models unveiled by rival McLaren, including the $184,900 570S and an even cheaper variant, the 540C, that could be sold for as low as $160,000 if it makes its way to the US market. Ferrari is also rumored to be working on a budget model, potentially called the Dino, with a price tag around $180,000.

Lamborghini already offered a sub-$200,000 model, the retired Gallardo, but the $237,000 Huracan is now the budget offering. In contrast, the Aventador fetches around $400,000.

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