Nissan announces X-Trail Hybrid in Japan

The model could augur a Rogue Hybrid.

Nissan has unveiled a X-Trail Hybrid in Japan. The small crossover is more or less the same as the US market Rogue, and could presage a hybrid version in the US even though no official announcement has been made.

The X-Trail Hybrid is powered by Nissan's 2.0L direct-injection inline-four, which produces 145 hp and 153 lb-ft of torque. The engine is coupled with a single dual-clutch 40 hp electric motor and CVT. The system is similar to that of the Pathfinder Hybrid's but is slightly more powerful. Nissan says the setup will provide power and acceleration better than a typical 2.5L gasoline-powered four-cylinder.

Safety equipment included with the Hybrid package includes Nissan's Forward Emergency Braking system, while the bird's eye Around View Monitor and Intelligent Parking Assist will also be available.

In addition to the powertrain updates, the X-Trail Hybrid also adds aerodynamic underbody panels, low-resistance tires. and an energy monitor display sits in the center console.

In the Japanese testing cycle, the X-Trail hybrid is rated at 48.5 mpg in the front-wheel drive model, but an all-wheel-drive versions will also be available. The X-Trail Hybrid goes on sale May 13 throughout Japan with prices starting at Japanese yen equivalent of $23,339.

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