Details emerge on BMW's sub-X1 crossover

The Urban Cross will share its front-wheel drive platform with the third-gen MINI.

A new report coming out of Germany finds that BMW is in the early stages of developing an entry-level crossover that will slot below the upcoming second-gen X1.

Tentatively christened Urban Cross, BMW's baby crossover will be aimed directly at the upcoming Audi Q1. It will share its front-wheel drive UKL platform with the 2 Series Active Tourer, the third-gen MINI and the aforementioned X1, a move that will allow the Munich-based automaker to benefit from economies of scale.

The Urban Cross will stretch just 157 inches long and it will reportedly feature a sleek, coupe-like roofline that will be loosely inspired by the X4 and the X6. While that might attract young buyers, the crossover's main target audience, it will reduce trunk space to merely 11.6 cubic feet with four occupants on board.

BMW will offer the Urban Cross with gasoline- and diesel-burning three- and four-cylinder engines sourced from its parts bin. Interestingly, an all-electric model will join the lineup later in the production run and company executives are debating whether or not to launch a gasoline-electric plug-in hybrid model. It is too early to tell if a M-tuned version of the Urban Cross will sit at the very top of the lineup.

If the rumor proves true, additional details about the BMW Urban Cross will emerge over the coming months. The crossover will be introduced at a major auto show late next year, and it will land in showrooms in the first half of 2017 with a base price of €25,000, a sum that converts to about $26,500 at the current exchange rate.

Likely built in Germany, the Urban Cross will be sold in Europe and in select Asian markets including China but it will not be offered in the United States due to its tiny size.

Note: 2015 BMW X1 pictured

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