Chevrolet teases Shanghai-bound FNR concept

Chevrolet\'s Find New Roads concept is a futuristic-looking EV.

Chevrolet's Chinese arm has published a dark teaser image that previews a new concept called FNR, an acronym that stands for Find New Roads. The Bowtie's next concept is scheduled to make its official debut next Monday at the biennial Shanghai Motor Show.

Designed and built by General Motors' Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center, the concept will feature a sharp, Volt-inspired front fascia with thin headlights and a highly-futuristic silhouette characterized by a large windshield and a wave-shaped roof panel. Power will come from an all-electric drivetrain, but Chevrolet is keeping technical details under wraps until the start of the Shanghai show.

Citing reports published by Chinese media outlets, website IndianAutosBlog reports that the FNR concept will boast a long list of high-tech features including a self-driving function, wireless charging and an infotainment system controlled entirely by hand gestures. Finally, the concept will be equipped with a science fiction-esque pupil recognition software that will make it possible for the driver to go completely keyless.

Chevrolet will likely unveil the FNR concept online a couple of hours before the Shanghai show opens its doors to the press. Stay tuned, we'll be on location to bring you live images of Chevrolet's next EV as soon as it is introduced.

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