Audi recalls Q3 over sunroof noncompliance

When the vehicle is turned off when the sunroof is closing, the sunroof may continue to close, in violation of federal safety guidelines.

Audi has issued a minor recall for the 2015 Q3, citing a noncompliance issue with the sunroof.

The company in January noticed a potential violation of federal safety regulations when testing the sunroof system. When attempting to shut down the vehicle while closing the sunroof, the panel continued to move toward the closed position rather than stopping.

"The sunroof function as it exists in affected vehicles is not in compliance with federal regulations, and could result in personal injury if a vehicle occupant were in the way of the sunroof a it is closing," the recall documents note.

The campaign serves as a remind of the complexities of government safety guidelines, which include very specific criteria for such behavior. In the recalled vehicles, the sunroof is equipped with pinch-protection functionality and compliant with European safety laws but not with the equivalent US regulations.

Audi will reprogram the sunroof control system in 3,646 crossovers to resolve the issue.

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