More extreme Acura NSX coming in 2018?

The hardcore NSX will likely wear the Type R moniker.

Australian media outlets are reporting that Acura is in the early stages of developing a more hardcore version of the all-new second-gen NSX.

Set to wear the Type R moniker, the range-topping NSX will benefit from an evolution of the standard coupe's gasoline-electric hybrid drivetrain that will be tweaked to provide well over 600 horsepower. The Type R should be able to sprint from zero to 62 mph in about three seconds, a figure that will put it on par with much more expensive supercars.

Acura will complement the extra power with upgraded brakes on all four corners and a thoroughly revised suspension setup. The stiffer suspension will undoubtedly compromise the relative comfort that the NSX nameplate has long been known for but it will make it quicker around a track.

The Type R will weigh a lot less than the standard NSX thanks to the use of body panels crafted out of carbon fiber. Official figures are not available yet but sources close to Acura told Australia's Motoring that the R is expected to tip the scale at roughly 3,400 pounds.

Visually, the R will be instantly recognizable thanks to a full track-inspired body kit that will include a more muscular-looking front bumper, side skirts and a big spoiler out back. The R will ride on model-specific alloy wheels.

If the rumor materializes, the Acura NSX Type R will be presented at a major auto show in 2017 and it will go on sale in select markets shortly after.

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