Jaguar to launch two crossovers by 2020?

Tentatively called J-Pace, one of Jaguar\'s upcoming off-roaders will take on the upcoming BMW X7.

Jaguar is in the final stages of developing the controversial F-Pace, its first-ever crossover, and a new report finds the automaker has decided to launch two additional off-roaders by the year 2020.

The British automaker will take on the Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class (which will replace the GL-Class in the next few years) and the BMW X7 with a full-size seven-seater crossover tentatively called J-Pace. The J-Pace will ride on the same aluminum-intensive platform as the Land Rover Range Rover but it will feature a much sportier silhouette. Like Land Rover, Jaguar will off both short- and long-wheelbase variants of its full-size model.

The J-Pace will be available with six- and eight-cylinder gasoline-burning engines, and buyers in Europe will most likely have access to at least one turbodiesel unit. Automobile Magazine reports Jaguar will also launch a plug-in hybrid model aimed largely at the Chinese market - where gasoline-electric drivetrains are expected to become mandatory - and a sport-focused version tuned by SVR.

At the other end of the spectrum, Jaguar will introduce an entry-level crossover called E-Pace that will most likely share its platform with the Evoque and the new Discovery Sport. Executives are still debating what form the E-Pace will take - some believe it should take on the BMW X3 and the upcoming Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class, while others think it should be a smaller model aimed right at the BMW X1 and the Mercedes GLA.

If the rumors materialize, the J-Pace will be introduced in 2019 and the E-Pace will follow shortly after.

Note: Jaguar C-X17 concept pictured

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