NHTSA again expands Nissan Versa investigation

The agency is now looking into complaints of pedal interference across the 2012-2015 model years.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has again expanded its investigation into the Nissan Versa family.

The agency initiated its first inquiry in June 2014 after receiving numerous complaints of interference between drivers' shoes and a trim panel near the accelerator pedal. One complainant submitted a photo showing the edge of the panel wedged into a shoe.

Some owners claim the alleged interference has caused problems when attempting to quickly switch from the accelerator to the brake pedal, posing a potential crash risk.

"As I approached the intersection, I attempted to remove my foot from the gas pedal, but could not, because my foot was stuck," one report claimed. "I used my right hand to grab my leg and pulled harder, immediately braking hard, then backing my foot off the brake as I squealed and skidded around the corner."

Other complaints suggest an HVAC relay actuator can also interfere with the driver's ability to quickly apply the brakes.

The agency is currently conducting an engineering analysis to determine if a recall is warranted. The investigation now includes the 2012 through 2015 model years, as all four use the same trim-panel design and HVAC relay configuration.

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