Buick Regal, Chevy Sonic top list of first-year trade-ins

A new report aims to reveal which models bring immediate buyer\'s remorse.

More than one in 10 buyers of the Buick Regal end up selling their car within the first year, according to an iSeeCars analysis.

The report suggests the Regal may top the list of buyer's remorse, with a 10.4-percent trade-in rate during the first year. Another General Motors vehicle, the Chevrolet Sonic, is second on the list with an 8.9-percent jettison rate. Both are more than three times the industry average of 2.7 percent.

"iSeeCars.com analysts think the fact that consumers are giving more of these cars up than the average is directly linked to quality or perceived quality of the cars," said iSeeCars CEO Phong Ly, as quoted by Forbes. "Because purchasing a new car is expensive and something most people tend to spend a lot of time on, it stands to reason they would make a change shortly afterward if they felt the quality was lacking."

Most of the models on the list received low scores in initial-quality surveys, such as the JD Power rankings, however the analysts admit that certain vehicles can also receive high early trade-in numbers when a next-generation model arrives with significant upgrades. The 2014 Mercedes-Benz C-Class, which ranked fifth on the list, is viewed as one potential example.

The trade-in rates were determined by comparing new-car sales against used-car purchases for each model, with data limited to the 2014 model year.

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