Hyundai reveals purchase price of ix35 Fuel Cell

Fuel cell technology is far from cheap.

Hyundai has announced UK pricing for its first-ever massed produced fuel-cell vehicle. Known as the ix35 Fuel Cell vehicle on the other side of the pond, the zero-emissions crossover is available for lease in the United States as the Tucson Fuel Cell.

Hydrogen technology has never been touted as cheap, and the ix35 Fuel Cell doesn't do much to change that. In the UK the hydrogen-powered crossover will retail from £67,985, which converts to about $103,000. In comparison, the normal version of the Hyundai ix35 lists from £17,150.

Buyers will get somewhat of a price break, however, as the group HyFive will partially fund the purchase of the ix35 Fuel Cell, bringing the price down to £53,105. HyFive is a European partnership between five automakers, including Hyundai, whose mission is to get 110 fuel cell vehicles on the road.

The ix35 Fuel Cell is powered by a 136 horsepower electric motor that can hit a top speed of 100mph. Backed by two hydrogen storage tanks, the ix35 Fuel Cell can go nearly 370 miles between fill ups.

The Tucson Fuel Cell isn't available for purchase in the U.S. but can be leased for $499 per month for 36 months with $2,999 down. That lease deal also includes unlimited fueling.

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