New report reveals where all the Hummers live

Where have all the Hummers gone?

Hummers have become an increasingly rare sight since the off-road brand closed its doors nearly five years ago, but a new report has revealed just where to find the remaining examples of the Army-tough SUVs.

For whatever reason, Spork Marketing recently decided to team up with GMPartsCenter.net, an e-commerce retailer of OEM General Motors replacement parts, to track down the locations of the remaining Hummers. The two parties scoured four years worth of parts ordering data to determine the largest pockets of Hummer ownership.

Although California has some of the highest gas prices and the toughest emissions laws, The Golden State emerged as the number one location in the nation for overall Hummer ownership. Texas, long known for its love affair with big trucks, was a close second, followed by Florida, New York and Pennsylvania.

On a per capita basis, Connecticut was actually tops for Hummer ownership, with New Mexico, Colorado, North Dakota and Louisiana (where some Hummers were made) rounding out the top five.

Not surprisingly the United States laid claim to having the most Hummers, followed by Saudi Arabia, Japan, Russian and England.

Jason Lancaster, President of Spork Marketing, admits the study wasn't exactly scientific, but he believes the results are an accurate reflection of Hummer ownership.

"The assumption is that every search for Hummer parts represents a Hummer owner,” he said. "While this assumption probably isn't 100% correct - many people in the US and Canada don't search for replacement parts online - we're looking at four years of search data. We feel pretty good about the trends the data reveals.”

When gas prices return to $4 per gallon, we have a feeling the junkyard could become an increasingly popular spot for Hummer's notoriously thirsty vehicles.

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