Clarkson already filming new car series?

Jeremy Clarkson appears to be working on a new car show.

It's only been a few weeks since Jeremy Clarkson was ousted as the lead presenter of BBC's Top Gear, but the outspoken TV host could already be working on a new motoring program.

Rumors starting swirling almost immediate after Clarkson's termination from Top Gear on March 25 that he would eventually land back on the airways. Clarkson himself even stated that he'd probably end up doing another car show.

We figured it'd take some time for Clarkson to get back on his feet, but apparently that might not be the case. The 55-year old Tweeted out a photo on May 5 that indicates he has already begun work on a new car show.

The picture has all the telltale signs of a Top Gear-like reboot — a bright yellow Corvette Z06, a track, a film crew and what appears to be former Top Gear co-host Richard Hammond. There even appears to be some kind of glitzy judge's table with two men wearing tuxedos, indicating whatever's being film includes some classic Top Gear humor.

Clarkson didn't give any kind of explanation, writing only "I took this today…”

While plenty of questions remain, fans of Top Gear have good reason to be excited.

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