Ford teases 2016 Mustang GT California Special

Expect a new appearance package next week.

Ford is teasing a new version of the 2016 Mustang called the GT California Special by way of revealing only its badge.

No specs were given, but the GT/CS is expected to be an appearance package based on the GT trim level. If history is to be any guide, Ford won't add any power to the California Special, so the 5.0L engine will likely still produce 435 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque. Interestingly, as Autoblog notes, the latest Mustang iteration isn't even a year old yet and already the special editions are coming.

The original GT/CS was created by California area Ford dealers in 1968, back when dealers could demand that sort of personalization. The cars came with an upgraded fascia with foglights, new taillights, hood pins, and a GT/CS (non-functional) side scoop. Due to the low production — the original run of 5,000 was never finished, and only 4,118 were actually built —they remain somewhat sought after items to Mustang collectors.

In 2007, the California Special was revived after a 40 year hiatus. The $1,895 option added special upholstery, floor mats, wheels, and other cosmetic upgrades. Since then, there have been two additional CS Mustangs, in 2011 and 2013.

The 2016 California Special will be revealed in its entirety on May 11.

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