Apple settles battery maker's poaching lawsuit

Apple had been accused of poaching key engineers to help build large-scale batteries, rumored to be used for vehicles.

Apple has reportedly agreed to settle a lawsuit filed by battery maker A123 Systems.

The startup had accused the tech giant of poaching key engineers, believed to have been involved in large-scale battery projects and hired by Apple to help work on the company's rumored car. The employees allegedly jumped ship, crippling A123's development programs, and then served as recruiters tasked with poaching even more workers from A123 and its contractors.

Apple previously asked the court to dismiss the case, arguing that A123 had no evidence to support its claims of "fortuitous interference" or "raiding." A123 works on automotive batteries, along with even larger scale energy-storage systems for use in industrial applications.

Settlement discussions have been in progress since March, repeatedly delaying the lawsuit progress, and both sides have now reached an agreement, though the terms remain confidential, according to a BBC report.

Aggressive poaching is commonplace in Silicon Valley. Reports suggest Tesla Motors has recruited at least 150 Apple employees in the past few years, and Apple has countered by hiring more than 60 Tesla employees.

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