BMW X2 still on track for 2017?

The first prototypes are expected to begin road trials within the next few weeks, sources claim.

BMW is reportedly moving forward with development of its next crossover, the X2, which will slot between the smaller X1 and the larger X3.

The first late prototypes are expected to begin road trials within the next few weeks, following nearly two and a half years of development, unnamed engineers at BMW's prototype workshop have told Autocar.

The small crossover is said to borrow styling element from the coupe-like X4 and X6, with four conventional doors and a sleek profile. The roofline will likely begin plunging downward after the B-pillar, following a steep rake until it meets the rising waistline on the liftgate.

Transverse three- and four-cylinder engines are expected to power the X2, with a choice between diesel and gasoline depending on the market. The company's B48 engine, which produces 231 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque in the 2-Series Active Tourer, is said to be retuned for around 300 horsepower to power a range-topping M Performance package.

The company is also believed to be preparing both front-wheel- and four-wheel-drive variants. Previous rumors suggest a four-door and a two-door configuration will be available, though the two-door package isn't mentioned in the latest report.

The X2 concept is not expected to be revealed until sometime next year, potentially in Geneva, with a market arrival scheduled for sometime in 2017.

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