CEO: Nissan on track for autonomous car by 2020

Whether the world is ready or not, Nissan will have an autonomous car by 2020.

Nissan chief executive officer Carlos Ghosn reiterated this week that his company would be ready with autonomous vehicles by 2020, but cautioned that people might not be able to "driveā€ them by then due to a lack of government groundwork.

At an even in Yokohama, Japan, on Monday, Ghosn stated that Nissan is still on track to have its first self-driving car to market by 2020. However, that might not mean much to consumers as regulators have not yet set rules that would allow for autonomous driving on public streets. For example, governments around the world still need to decide who would be at fault if a self-driving car were to crash.

But despite those road blocks, Ghosn views autonomous tech as the way of the future. According to Nissan's market studies with consumers, younger drivers are extremely interested in the benefits of autonomous vehicles.

Nissan has yet to detail its self-driving 2020 model, but Ghosn says it won't be a totally driverless car. Instead, the autonomous Nissan will simply act as a driving assistant.

"That is the car of the future," Ghosn told the Associated Press, referring to a completely autonomous vehicle. "But the consumer is more conservative. That makes us cautious."

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