Renault introduces entry-level KWID hatchback

In India, the KWID starts at roughly $4,700.

Renault has introduced the KWID, a sub-compact model designed to slot in at the very bottom of its lineup in markets outside of Europe.

The KWID stretches 144 inches long and 62 inches wide, dimensions that make it a couple of inches longer and narrower than a Fiat 500. It stands out from other cars in its segment thanks to a crossover-inspired design characterized by a tall, upright front end, sculpted flanks as well as black plastic trim over the wheel arches and the rocker panels.

Inside, the KWID caters to tech-focused buyers with a seven-inch touch screen and a digital instrument cluster. Piano black trim and chrome accents add an upscale touch to the overall look, and Renault promises that the hatchback can seat five adults in relative comfort.

Power comes from a 0.8-liter gasoline-burning three-cylinder engine that spins the front wheels via a five-speed manual transmission. An automatic unit will likely be available at launch, but full technical details have not been published yet.

Built in India, the Renault KWID will go on sale before the end of the year with a base price of about 300,000 rupees, a sum that converts to approximately $4,700.

Europe-bound? Rumors indicate the European-spec KWID will make its global debut next year at the Geneva Motor Show. Assembled in Tangiers, Morocco, the Euro-spec model will be sold under the Dacia brand and it will reportedly carry a base price of about €5,000, a sum that converts to roughly $5,700. If the rumors prove true, the Dacia KWID - assuming the nameplate is retained - will be the cheapest new car available in Europe by a long shot.

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