Mitsubishi seriously considering Evo crossover

An executive suggests the project is now more likely, thanks to record global sales for the entire brand.

Mitsubishi is reportedly closer to developing its spiritual successor to the Lancer Evolution.

The company has previously hinted that the Evo name will live on in the form of a high-performance crossover, presumed to be a future variant of the XR-PHEV II concept (pictured). It could arrive as a production version of the next-generation ASX, sold in the US as the Outlander Sport.

"Ultimately it all comes down to the financial case for it and whether the company has the resources to do it," Mitsubishi UK head Lance Bradley recently told Autocar. "But the company had a record sales year in 2014 and the more we have success the easier it is to do these things. It's a project that we know would benefit the company, but until now it has been a case of getting the building blocks in place step by step."

Despite switching to a high-riding platform, the Evo's successor promises to be "light and fast." Mitsubishi boss Tetsuro Aikawa has suggested that it will also be an electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid, likely with an all-wheel-drive system that borrows from the S-AWC technology in the electric MiEV Evolution racer that holds a Pikes Peak record.

The company has not yet outlined a time-frame for introducing the next Evo, though it will likely follow the next-generation ASX.

Image by Ronan Glon.

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