Porsche recalls 918 Spyder over wiring issue

A wiring harness for the radiator fan can be damaged by a carbon-fiber component.

Porsche has issued another precautionary recall for its flagship 918 Spyder.

The German automaker has discovered a problem with the radiator fan's electric wiring harness, which can be damaged by a carbon-fiber component. The cause was identified after the company received several inquiries, though it is unclear if harness failures have led to any more serious issues such as fires.

Owners of affected vehicles will be directly contacted by Porsche Cars North America to schedule a service visit. Wiring harnesses will be inspected and replaced or remounted to prevent damage.

The company suggests the issue affects 223 vehicles sold in the US market, including all units built before manufacturing processes were revised in April 2015 to prevent the problem.

The 918 Spyder was recalled last September to replace faulty rear control arms, and again in December to install a new chassis component. One of only 918 examples was destroyed in a fire at a gas station near Toronto, but the accident does not appear to have prompted any formal recall.

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