Subaru introduces second hybrid model

The Impreza Sport Hybrid will debut in Japan this summer.

Subaru is introducing its second-ever hybrid model. Following in the footsteps of the XV CrossTrek, the new addition is called the Impreza Sport Hybrid.

Subaru has yet to release any specifications about the model, but it's probably safe to assume that the drivetrain will be shared with the XV Crosstrek Hybrid crossover, as both are based on the same chassis.

That system mates Subaru's ubiquitous 2.0L boxer motor with a small 13.4hp electric motor, providing a small boost in power (160 vs. 148hp) and torque (163 vs. 145 lb-ft) over a non-hybrid XV. Unfortunately, a CVT is the only transmission option due to the fact that the electric motor and gearbox are one unit.

Styling-wise, the Impreza Sport Hybrid receives minor upgrades to distinguish itself from its petrol-only twin. Whereas the standard Impreza has three distinct sections that define its lower nosecone, the Hybrid combines them into one large lower grille spans the width of the front fascia, integrating the two foglamp bezels at each corner.

The red and white sections of the taillamps have been inverted for a lens that's majority clear with a small D-shaped sliver of red. Around circumference of the chassis, new rocker skirts and with silver trim that continues across the rear update the overall look.

The Impreza Sport Hybrid will go on sale in Japan this summer. Subaru has not confirmed whether the model will make it across the Pacific.

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