Volvo recalls 2016 XC90 overing wiring issue

Volvo\'s brand new XC90 is already being recalled.

Volvo has announced a safety recall for its all-new XC90 SUV. The recall covers XC90s on the road in Europe and the United States.

Volvo issued the safety campaign after it discovered that the SUV's front seat wiring harness may have been incorrectly installed at the factory. As a result of that improper installation, the wiring insulation could get damaged, resulting in a dash warning light.

Volvo also cautions that a damaged wire would render the XC90's front seat airbags inoperative. However, the automaker says there is no danger of the defect inadvertently setting off the airbag system.

As the 2016 XC90 is just now hitting the market, the recall affects a small number of vehicles. Just 200 units are covered by the campaign, with most of those residing in Volvo's home market of Sweden. No accidents or injuries have been linked to the defect.

Volvo will have dealers inspect the wiring harness and replace as necessary. The company says it has already altered its manufacturing process to correct the issue.

Although the XC90's first issue appears to be small, it's a situation to keep an eye on. The XC90 is an all-new product for 2016, an important one at that. Hopefully for Volvo the XC90's first recall is little more than an isolated incident.

Photos by Drew Johnson.

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