Aston Martin reaffirms interest in hybrid models

Chief executive Andy Palmer envisions a 1000-horsepower \"silent Rapide\" with all-wheel drive.

Aston Martin has reaffirmed its interest in hybrid models as the company gradually expands its lineup.

Chief executive Andy Palmer argues that the British automaker can deliver its "Power, Beauty and Soul" promise without solely focusing on gasoline-powered engines.

"It just needs to be really powerful, really beautiful and set your heart on fire," the executive told Autocar. "I'd argue that 1000bhp on the ground would probably do that for you. Imagine something like a 4x4, 1000bhp silent Rapide."

Palmer's predecessor, Ulrich Bez, did not share the same vision for the company. He rejected the idea of combining a hybrid system with internal-combustion engines, arguing that such configurations make vehicles heavier and electronic components are less reliable than mechanical systems.

Both Bez and Palmer agree that Aston Martin's iconic V12 engines will remain going forward, potentially with downsized displacement or more V8 variants.

"As time evolves, there's probably an inevitability to hybridization, simply because, car by car, you can only downsize so much," Palmer added. "I'd rather put a hybrid in there than an in-line four-cylinder."

The executive claims there are no immediate plans to offer a hybrid, suggesting a battery-powered Aston is unlikely to arrive before the end of the decade.

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