GM resolves trademark conflicts for Chevy Bolt name

The company amended its application and received consent from Yamaha to use the term Bolt for the upcoming EV.

General Motors has resolved the latest trademark conflict over the Chevrolet Bolt nameplate.

The "Bolt" trademark application was recently suspended due to the existence of an earlier filing by Yamaha for a motorcycle, an entry-level cruiser model sold under the Star brand.

GM quickly amended the 'Bolt' application, clarifying its intention to be used solely for automobiles. The motorcycle conflict and an earlier issue related to sleeper-cab maker Bolt Custom Trucks both appear to have been resolved.

"Our legal staff has consent from Yamaha to use the Bolt name," GM said in a statement to The Truth About Cars. "According to our legal team, our USPT application is back to active status."

The battery-powered compact's nameplate has been mildly controversial, mostly due to potential confusion with its gasoline-hybrid cousin, the Chevy Volt. The company has remained confident in its name, however, citing results from an internal study involving potential customers.

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